How Many Watts Does a Microwave Use?

A microwave oven is an appliance that has become a household staple for many people. It can be a lifesaver when cooking large meals in a short time, and it is very useful for reheating leftovers. The problem with microwaves is that they use a lot of power. There are several different types of microwaves, and they all use different amounts of power.

This blog tells you how much wattage is used by a microwave. This information can help you to buy a new microwave oven if you already have one.

How many watts does a microwave use?

Many different types of microwaves are available, ranging from small countertop models to large ovens. Many models are energy efficient and save money, but they also differ in their wattage. The wattage is a measurement of the power used by the microwave. High wattage means that the microwave is capable of higher power and, therefore, can heat food faster. However, the price may be higher as well.

Estimate your microwaves energy consumption

If you don’t have a sticker on your microwave, you can measure the size of the microwave cavity. You can find this by measuring the length and width of the microwave cavity. The next step is to multiply the length and width together. Now, multiply that number by the wattage of your microwave.

The next step is to determine how many kWh your microwave uses daily. To do this, divide the number of hours your microwave is on by the number of kWh it uses in an hour and multiply it by the cost of electricity.

If you have a 1000-watt microwave, it will use up to 1 kWh of energy. If you run your microwave for 5 minutes, that will be 1/12th of an hour. Multiply that time by 12, the number of hours a day. 1/12th of an hour x 12 =.0833 hours.

How much does it cost to run a microwave?

Microwaves are very common appliances but are not as efficient as many think. It can be a bit confusing because there are different types of microwaves, and the amount of power they use varies. So let’s start by looking at the wattage of microwaves and then how much energy they use over a set period.

Our previous example was about power consumption, but that doesn’t mean we can’t apply it to real life. For example, let’s say you want to purchase a new appliance, such as a blender. It may cost you $500. You may think that the blender is a big investment, but you could save $15 per month on your electric bill by using a blender instead of a hand mixer.

Best energy-efficient microwaves

The best energy-efficient microwave ovens use less electricity than conventional models and have some great features that make them perfect for families on a budget.

Best compact energy-efficient microwave:

I love this microwave because it is so small, compact, and easy to store. It also has a 700-watt capacity so, it can heat food quickly. It’s perfect for people on the go and don’t have a lot of room in their kitchen for a bigger microwave.

Best home energy-efficient microwave:

The Toshiba EM131A5C BS Microwave Oven with Smart Sensor & ECO Mode is a great affordable microwave with all the bells and whistles you would expect, plus one green feature, ECO mode. ECO mode reduces the microwave’s energy consumption by 50% while in standby mode.

Best overall energy-efficient microwave:

With a sleek design, this Panasonic microwave oven is beautiful and efficient. The sensor and inverter technology allows the oven to preheat the microwave quickly, saving you time. This model also has an inverter technology that converts the power to high-frequency waves for better heating results. In addition, it has a stainless steel exterior and can be used in the dishwasher.

I’ve seen this for myself in my own home. The less I run the heater, the better the quality of air in my house, and I’m not the only one. A lot of people have experienced this phenomenon.


We all know that microwaves use a lot of energy. But just how much does it use? We have determined this number for you here.

You’ll find that this model uses 1,050 watts in terms of how much wattage it uses. I believe that it is the best choice for the money. The sensor technology allows it to preheat very quickly. The result is a more even, consistent heating. This makes for better food and a more pleasant cooking experience.

You may not like the look of this microwave, but it is more efficient than others.